Schneider Xenon FF Lens Tests


2016 has been a busy year of freelance work and becuase I’ve been shooting on a range of cameras I decided to invested in a set of PL mount glass. These would be lenses just for me, not for rental, lenses that I could use on any camera, shoot with every day and get to know the way they flare and rack and handle in different conditions.

I wanted a set of affordable cine lenses and I’ve always been a fan of Schneider glass, I use both their ND and Hollywood Black Magic Filters, and their cine lenses are made for cinema, not rehoused stills glass. Plus there’s a part of me that likes to own things that feel a little bit unique and I hadn’t seen the Schneiders around much, either in DP’s kits or in Sydney rental houses.

So I decided on the Schneider Xenon FF PL mount lenses and bought the 35mm, 50mm and 75mm to begin with. I’ve since added the 25mm, the 100mm and have the 18mm on order.

Nicholas Price
DOP | Cinematographer

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Nicholas Price is a Sydney based DOP | Producer who has made commercials, video clips, TV, documentary and short films. Nick is a Masters graduate of AFTRS and is always striving to bring a unique visual style to any project he works on.