Filming on a Smart Phone

I recently shot  a series of online docos using the new Huawei P9 mobile phone (with a wonderful crew and a little bit of help from a dslr). It was a really interesting experience shooting with something so small and I found using a camera that you can literally put anywhere was both liberating and challenging.

There was also the extra challenge of lighting and filming interviews on a 28mm lens, we so often rely on long lenses with a shallow depth of field for interviews, so it was great to use a wide lens and rethink the shots.


This is the story behind Huawei’s augmented reality installation made for the 2016 Sydney Vivid festival. Featuring interviews with the designers and creators of the festival along with the filmmakers and photographers behind the scenes. All filmed on Huawei’s new P9 mobile phone, with extra footage from a dslr. We mounted the phones on tripods, sliders and a ronin rig and came away with some fantastic footage.

Director/DOP Nicholas Price
Producer Emma Scott
Executive Producer Anthony Damianakis
Editor/Camera Stephen Mylonas
Camera Assistant Joe Hell
production Company: Klinik TV