Forster on a Winter's Day

I was lucky enough to spend the June long weekend (2015) in Forster, on the mid north coast of New South Wales. My parents run a small business in town and have a house down on One Mile Beach. I have a tendency to escape Sydney on Friday afternoons and head north for the weekend whenever I can, when really I should be staying in Sydney and networking for more work or at least catching up with my friends instead of continuously neglecting them.

Forster is an impossibly beautiful little place, only three and half hours from Sydney, with Bluey’s beach and Seal Rocks just down the road. For most of the year the beaches are empty and the water is warm; well warmish.

The weather was perfect across the long weekend, there was a decent southerly swell and I just happened to have a new DJI Phantom 3 drone to play with. The drone has an inbuilt HD camera and the images out of it are stunning (it can shoot both log and rec709 video). I also had my old Canon 7d with me and a Lens Baby tilt shift lens, it’s nice to break up the drone shots with a little bit of something else.

I filmed mostly at sunset and sunrise, taking advantage of Forster’s beautiful scenery including the lake, the beaches and the boat harbour. My first impulse was to start imitating big crane shots, zooming the drone way up into the air but I soon discovered that low tracking shots are a lot more dynamic. There’s a heightened sense of movement with the drone close to the ground, the higher the drone goes the less aware you become of it moving.

Here is some of the footage cut together with a few lens baby shots being used for my mother’s real estate business. It’s a quick little taste of why I love spending so much time in Forster, enjoy.

Nicholas Price
DOP | Cinematographer

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Nicholas Price is a Sydney based DOP | Producer who has made commercials, video clips, TV, documentary and short films. Nick is a Masters graduate of AFTRS and is always striving to bring a unique visual style to any project he works on.