NSW Farmers Commercial

This week I was lucky enough to spend three days filming on some amazing farms around Moree and Walgett, making a commercial for NSW Farmers and Klinik.tv

It was the classic country road trip experience, each day we were shooting on a farm from sunrise until midday, driving a couple of hundred kilometers to the next farm and then shooting until sunset. Our dynamic producer Emma Scott did all the driving and we had a great crew, including drone operator extraordinaire Chris Benny who bought a pair of DJI Inspire drones and captured some amazing footage.

We had every weather event possible, dust, mud, storms, baking hot days, cold mornings and of course we were shooting outside every day with flies and a harsh summer sun. The countryside is amazing out there, both harsh and beautiful at the same time, and of course the sunsets are some of the most amazing I’ve ever seen. What a wonderful experience.

This is the first of the NSW Farmers spots, filmed on location around Moree and Walgett for Klinic TV and Post Op Group.

We made 5 spots in total; 1 TVC and 4 case study documentaries.

It was such an amazing experience to visit four completely different farms and meet the families who live and work on them.  We shot with a skeleton crew for three days, filming from sunrise until 11:30am each morning then traveling a couple of hundred k’s to the next farm where we shot until sunset. This allowed us to shoot during the best hours of the day and avoid the ugly midday “topy” light, this was important because we were using available light to achieve a natural look.

I was shooting on the Black Magic Cinema Camera while the very talented Chris Benny did the aerial photography on a DJI inspire drone. Our producer Emma Scott (The Creative Content Consultant) drove the hundreds of kilometers every day, worked with both the client and the farmers, and held reflectors, scrims and umbrellas as we battled the elements.

Filmed on The Black Magic Cinema Camera 2.5k Cinema DNG Raw, DJI Inspire 4K and Sony A7s.

Nicholas Price
Director | dp

Nicholas Price is a director/dop, working in Sydney, London and Japan. He makes TVC’s, documentaries, films and music videos.